Numerous international car and bus companies trust only RGC Textile for their seat cover needs. Our Moquette and Jacquard fabrics are their choice for their elegant and well-built cars and buses because it deserves nothing less than the finest seat covers.

Contracts (Institution)

For your school, malls, or cinema-related projects, RGC Textile can manufacture and supply caliber, well-created fabrics.

Passing both fire retardation and abrasion-resistant standards, you are assured of safety and superior quality.


Choose from our abundant swatches of Flatwoven Dobby and Jacquard fabrics for your upholstery. Make your home effortlessly beautiful with RGC Textile’s wide range of fabrics that would surely suit the style of your abode.


Toy manufacturers here and abroad know that RGC’s Boa fabrics is the perfect material for the softest and cuddliest stuffed toys. Aside from stuffed toys, our Boa fabric could also be used for accessories, slippers, and garments.


Order customized RGC textile for office systems to foster a professional workspace. Functional Flatwoven Dobby and Jacquard fabrics are available for your office seats, partitions, and walls.